Sea Pearl

SoilPluse’s Sea Pearl brings the benefits of the sea to your plants. Stimulate growth, enhance stress resistance, and promote overall plant vitality with this organic seaweed extract.



Immerse your plants in the benefits of the sea with SoilPluse’s Sea Pearl. This organic seaweed extract is a powerful natural supplement that promotes plant growth, improves stress resistance, and enhances overall plant vitality.

Key Features:

  • Plant Growth Promotion: Sea Pearl stimulates growth hormones, promoting overall plant development.
  • Stress Resistance: Enhance your plants’ resilience to environmental stressors with the natural properties of seaweed extract.
  • Bioactive Compounds: Sea Pearl contains bioactive compounds that contribute to improved nutrient absorption and plant health.

Choose SoilPluse’s Sea Pearl for a nutrient-rich, seaweed-powered boost to your plants.


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