About Us

About Us

Sowing Seeds of Change

SoilPluse began as a vision nurtured by our founder and CEO, D.A. Chaudhary, over 13
years ago. Rooted in a deep passion for organic farming, SoilPluse emerged as a beacon of
sustainable agriculture. Our journey has been driven by the unwavering belief in the power of
organic methods to not only yield healthier crops but to foster a healthier planet. Today, we
stand proud as pioneers in manufacturing organic fertilizers and compost, committed to
nurturing the earth and its community.

Our Mission & Expertise

At SoilPluse, our mission transcends beyond agricultural products.

Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow

We are dedicated to promoting sustainable, eco-friendly farming practices that respect and rejuvenate the earth.

Harnessing Nature's Potential

With over a decade of experience, our expertise lies in creating high-quality, 100% organic fertilizers and growth promoters.

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