Soil Super

SoilPluse’s Soil Super is your solution for maintaining the perfect pH balance in your soil. Promote optimal nutrient absorption and support overall plant health with this pH-regulating formula.



Maintain the optimal pH balance of your soil with SoilPluse’s Soil Super. This unique formulation acts as a soil pH regulator, ensuring the ideal conditions for nutrient absorption and promoting healthy plant growth.

Key Features:

  • pH Regulation: Soil Super helps maintain the optimal pH range for your plants, promoting nutrient availability and absorption.
  • Nutrient Utilization: Ensure efficient nutrient utilization by creating a balanced pH environment in the soil.
  • Plant Health Promotion: Support overall plant health by providing the right conditions for nutrient uptake and utilization.

Choose SoilPluse’s Soil Super for a proactive approach to soil pH maintenance and healthier plants.


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