Coco Peat

SoilPluse’s Coco Peat is your eco-friendly choice for optimal plant growth. Enhance water retention, promote aeration, and support root development with this sustainable growing medium.



Transform your planting experience with SoilPluse’s Coco Peat, a versatile and eco-friendly growing medium made from coconut husks. This lightweight and nutrient-rich substrate enhance water retention, aeration, and root development for healthier plants.

Key Features:

  • Water Retention: Coco Peat retains water efficiently, ensuring consistent moisture for your plants.
  • Aeration: Promote root health with improved soil aeration, preventing compaction and allowing for optimal oxygen flow.
  • Sustainable Alternative: Choose an eco-friendly option with Coco Peat, made from renewable coconut husks.

Opt for SoilPluse’s Coco Peat for a sustainable and effective solution for plant growth.


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