Coco Peat Powder

SoilPluse’s Coco Peat Powder is your precision solution for enhancing soil structure and promoting root health. Achieve optimal plant growth with this finely ground, nutrient-rich coconut coir powder.



Fine-tune your planting medium with SoilPluse’s Coco Peat Powder. This finely ground and nutrient-rich coconut coir powder enhances soil structure, water retention, and root development for thriving plants.

Key Features:

  • Fine Texture: Coco Peat Powder’s fine texture improves soil structure and promotes root health.
  • Water Retention: Enhance water retention, ensuring consistent moisture for optimal plant growth.
  • Versatile Application: Use Coco Peat Powder in potting mixes, soil amendments, or as a standalone growing medium.

Choose SoilPluse’s Coco Peat Powder for precision in cultivating healthier plants.


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