PDM Potash

SoilPluse introduces PDM Potash – a potent solution to enhance potassium levels in your soil. Unlock the potential for robust flowering, improved stress resistance, and overall crop excellence with this quick-absorbing, premium-grade organic fertilizer.



Elevate potassium levels in your soil with SoilPluse’s PDM Potash, a premium-grade organic solution designed for optimal plant health. Unleash the power of potassium for robust flowering, improved stress resistance, and enhanced overall crop quality.

Key Features:

  • Potassium Boost: PDM Potash provides a concentrated source of potassium, vital for fruiting, flowering, and disease resistance.
  • Quick Absorption: Our specialized formulation ensures rapid absorption, delivering immediate benefits to your crops.
  • Balanced Plant Nutrition: Achieve a harmonious nutrient balance with PDM Potash, promoting healthy plant growth and maximizing yield.

Empower your crops with the goodness of PDM Potash – a cornerstone for successful organic farming.


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